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4.3 / 5

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My dog loves it!!

August 10, 2018


This product is blush and beautiful perfect size for my hundred pound dog and she seems to love it

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This bed is their favorite

December 13, 2018


Perfect size and fit for my 2 Shelties. We have had for a couple years and still looks great and held it shape

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Looks great but not sturdy

November 12, 2018


We bought this bed for our medium/large lab cross 4 days ago. Our dog loves it and it looked great in our living room. Two days ago we saw strings standing up from the middle of the bed and figured it was just because it was new. Now 4 days later there are many strings sticking up from the bed and we’re afraid it will not hold up for very long! Our dog is not rough with the bed. The last “no name” bed we had lasted 2 yrs and we only replaced it because the stuffing had flattened out. I was so happy finding a dog bed made by Serta but now I’m not so sure.

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Bed of their dreams

August 25, 2017


When we took care of friends house our Dog got us sleep on this Wonderful BED! Love love it and am getting it our our doggie

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Great for senior dogs

August 31, 2017


I love the look of it and most importantly I like that it is comfortable for my senior dog! When dogs (and humans) have hip and leg problems, their bed has to be the right firmness to make it easier on them and this bed is great.

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Dog Love it!!

July 31, 2018


While we live the bed, and the dogs prefer it over the other beds, it hasn't gotten dirty enough to have to wash. Not sure how we are going to do that when the cover doesn't come off.

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July 10, 2018


bought this bed yesterday dog layed on it one night falling apart . store will not take back do not buy unless you have money to throw away. Mattress is great covering is not.

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Thrilled with our icomfort pet beds!

December 1, 2017


Our big girls are going to LOVE their new icomfort pet beds, even though they have no idea they're pets ! We're very pleased with the support, comfort and construction of the beds. I do have one question that I hope you fellow pet bed owners can help me with. When I wash the exterior covers of the Large couch beds with bolsters, do I remove the fiber filling in the surrounding bolsters

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September 29, 2017


Such a comfortable bed for my old gal she loves it.

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Canine Comfort

August 21, 2017


Dog dad here, let me start by saying that the Serta Dog Bed I own will end up being 1 of 3 and I'll explain why. We rescued our dog, Murphy, two years ago in August. He joined the family up north from a high kill shelter in Mississippi. We prepared by getting a variety of bed, mats, and kennel liners to help him be more comfortable. Well I couldn't have been more wrong in buying different ones because the one he used the most is the Serta. The machine washable cover comes off and goes back on easily and spot cleaning is surprisingly easy even with the bed being white. I'll be replacing my other bed and kennel liner with Serta as well.

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Most comfy and durable bed ever!!!

August 10, 2017


My seven year old boxer went through four pet beds before the Serta memory foam sofa. He would destroy them and then jump on my furniture or bed to sleep. Now he chooses his pet sofa couch over our furniture. He loves it. And the cover unzips so you can wash it and then put it back on easily! I have told all my friends about this product. It's wonderful.

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Soft and Comfortable

July 8, 2017


My dog is big and needed a big, soft, comfortable space. This Serta bed is great for her and she loves her new space. Before my dog slept on a little twin bed. The mattress grew old and I decided to get an official dog bed for her. She really has adjusted and looks so comfortable!

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The best for your pup and my 7 year old loves to lay in it

August 18, 2017


It's soft, yet firm. It's big enough for my Large dog. There's plenty of comfort and support for my older dog. I love that my dog loves it . Bottom line.

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Great Pet Bed

July 1, 2017


The product has held it's shape sonce we got it. All my dogs lover it. The rotate through so each gets to sleep in it for a while. Great product.

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My dog loves loves loves her Serra bed

August 15, 2017


My chocolate lab loves her new Serta icomfort sofa sleeper so much that I have to bribe her to come get in bed with me. It doesn't last long tho before she gets down

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My dog loves his new bed.

June 30, 2017


My dog loves his new pet bed I purchased for him. It must be comfortable because he sleeps a lot in it! LOL.

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Comfy Bed

June 29, 2017


We've owned this pet bed for almost a year, and our dog just loves it. The fabric holds up extremely well and shows little dog hair. It's a tan fabric and our dog is black and white. maintains that shape and does not sag.

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My dog loves this bed

June 29, 2017


We had tried several pet beds that we had purchased from PetsMart. However it was always the same iour miniature Schnauzer never would sleep in any of them during the night. She would start out in her bed but by midnight she would jump up in our bed. After purchasing the Serta Icomfort Sofa Sleeper she now sleeps in her bed all night ling. It is very soft but also supportive enough she doesnt sink into the padding. She has room to stretch out without having to lay in a ball. Would definitely recommend this bed

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August 15, 2017


My furbabies (3) range from 120 lb down to 58 lb... they love their bed :-) it's not often they will let me share with them but they do... it is so wonderful to see them so happy we're other people that I know and have known their furbabies want nothing to do with the beds their pet parents had bought for them. I have change minds of some to invest in same as mine :-) now they have furbaby beds that are actually used and loved just like mine are... it's so awesome as a furbaby parent when they actually use and enjoy the surprises and goodies we bring home for them :-)

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Quality dog bed

August 20, 2017


My dog needed a new bed and we got the icomfort sofa at the recommendation of a friend. He loves it and uses it all of the time. I love how easy it is to keep clean. The quality and durability is great unlike so many others that don't hold up long under a heavy dog. This bed has been a champ! Highly recommended!

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