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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating

4.2 / 5

Authentic Reviews

Great pet bed

November 2, 2019


This pet bes is supper cute and looks good in my house! My dog loves her new bed! Love the color and it is a great size.You will not be disappointed!

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Overall Rating

Best pet bed ever!!!

August 19, 2017


My dog has many beds I. The house and this is the one she prefers, I move it to different locations and that's where I will find her snuggled up in her Serta bed, wherever I put it, it's easy to wash in my front load washer, she follows me there and watches me put it in the washing machine, when it's finished being washed she stands there waiting for me to put the cover back on and then lunges into it....this is by far the best bed and I will continue to buy only this one, although it's 5 years old now and after a wash still maintains its shape and look so I don't think I will need one anytime soon....wonder what she would do if I had two in the house!!!!

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Overall Rating

A Must Buy!!

August 18, 2017


Before purchasing this bed I had bought one from another mass merchandise store. It was ripped in a week

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Overall Rating


July 2, 2017


If you want a bed your dog will love, I would recommend this one. My entire family has serta beds, so when looking for a bed for our four legged family members I was pleased to see that serta made beds for dogs. I didn't hesitate to purchase this. Although we bathed them quite often there were times when they did get their bed dirty. So, I especially love the fact that the cover comes off for easy cleaning. The foam also has a cover that comes off, however, I don't recommend it. I have never taken the foam out of the cover, but I do have couch pillows that are made the same way, and it was a nightmare putting the foam back in. I couldn't get it back to the same shape no matter how hard I tried. Once I noticed the pet bed was made the same way I was glad I had experienced this with my couch previously. This bed lasted for years and held up through numerous washings. So naturally, years later, after our dogs passed and we decided to get another dog, we went straight for the same bed we previously had. Although this one fell short of my expectations, I will give it another shot. Perhaps this was just a fluke and the next one will be just as good as the first one was.

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Overall Rating

Pet bed

July 3, 2018


Loved the bed til my dog had an accident and since the cover cannot be removed it is ruined. Unable to wash, according to everthing I have read as mold will form. Great to have spent money that is completely wasted. Buyers beware.

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Overall Rating

Very well made!

October 28, 2017


We have 3 Serra beds for our one very pampered Shih tzu, Bella. She loves them all, we have one that she lays in front of the door to watch the world go but, and two others to sleep on. We have had 2 of them for 4 years, and good as new. She also sleeps in our Icomfort bed. We love how supportive and comfortable all our beds are.

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Overall Rating

Memory foam dog bed for my furbaby

September 29, 2017


My dog only wants to sleep on her Serta dog bed. She loves the soft fabric and rests her head on the side armrest. I love that the cover is washable and easy to remove. She is my little princess and she deserves the best. My mom even bought a few beds for her house so the dogs have several choices.

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Overall Rating

Great Quality

September 1, 2017


Our Makenize loves her couch bed. She loves to cuddle, sleep and even eat in it. Yes she gets so comfy in it she lays in it and eat. Its so comfy and soft and we highly recommend it. Its the perfect size for her. Its a pretty big size. We love it for her.

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Overall Rating

The Comfiest Pet Bed Ever

August 24, 2017


My kids like to cuddle up to Bruiser in this bed - Its big enough for a small child. I often find them hanging out with their buddy , giving kisses and snuggles. Made extremley well. I have bought other pet beds and none stood up the quality I would expect from a Serta Pet Bed. You and your pet can rest assure that everyone will get a good nights sleep.

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Overall Rating

Snuggle Fest - Love @ first woof

July 9, 2017


My dog loves this bed from the first moment we pulled it out of the box. She rolled around on it and her sisters ran over and tried to all pile in it. They all have beds but this is their favorite by far. It will be the one we buy to replace the other beds. It is very soft but durable and washable. Washable is very important as any dog owner knows.

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Overall Rating

Fur Kid Approved!

June 30, 2017


I didn't know Serta had pet beds until our friend bought one for my German Shepherd, Bella for Christmas. Bella loves to cuddle up as much as she loves to stretch out. The Serta pet bed allows her the ability to do both! She fits comfortably on the bed in any direction. I love the depth of the bed keeps her off the floor and has maintained it's shape. Bella will choose her Serta bed over the "people" couch every time! Thank you Serta for making a high quality dog bed for our fur kids!

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Overall Rating

Better than our bed

August 10, 2017


My fur baby has eaten every dog bed I have ever bought. He loves stuffed animals and he saw the other beds as giant toys. We have a memory foam bed that he just loves to be in and I thought he might like this during the day. He has never snored so loud as when he sleeps in his new serta dog bed. It has been a month and he still hasn't even chewed on it. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and he has left our bed to sleep on his own. I think it's safe to say he loves it.

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Overall Rating

Not ideal

January 5, 2019


Purschased this bed two weeks ago and it has fell apart. Its pretty but not a pet bed that can handle normal wear from a dog. Very disappointed especially because of price.

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